Secure Freedom Minute: Memo to Governors – Stop the Invasion


Of all Joe Biden’s wrecking operations, the one that may do the most enduring damage is his destruction of our southern border. Since he became president, 3 million illegal aliens have gained access to our country, the largesse of its social safety net and the opportunity – if they choose to do so – to wage war inside in communities across the country to which they have been dispersed.

With every state now reeling from the cumulative effects of these invaders, their governors have not only the duty, but the clear constitutional authority to act. Unfortunately, scarcely any have done so.

One of them, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, however, recently created leverage with Mexico – and the Biden team – to secure the border by imposing time-consuming and economically disruptive safety checks on incoming foreign trucks. Much more needs to be done, but it’s a start.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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