Secure Freedom Minute: Michele Bachmann Stands Up for our Sovereignty; Will You?


Even though Michele Bachmann is no longer a conservative leader in Congress, she continues to strive to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

In a great new interview with “Economic War Room” host Kevin Freeman, Ms. Bachmann warns about an impending, stealthy and disastrous surrender of American sovereignty by Joe Biden. His administration is negotiating to make the World Health Organization’s discredited, Communist Director General the sole and compulsory arbiter of what constitutes a “public health emergency.”   

Worse yet, just about anything – from climate change to guns to racism – can, and will, be considered such a health crisis.  

We must prevent the World Health Organization and its masters in Beijing from compounding what they did to us during the COVID pandemic by withdrawing from the WHO and impeaching Joe Biden and anyone else who would give it control over our lives.  

This is Frank Gaffney.  

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