Secure Freedom Minute: Missiles, Missiles Everywhere


Missiles, missiles everywhere. Incredibly, the recent, frightening revelation that Communist China surprised U.S. intelligence by launching a hypersonic missile designed for sneak nuclear attacks and defeating our missile defenses is now yesterday’s news.

Today’s news is that the PRC’s puppet, North Korea, has surprisingly launched from underwater a short-range ballistic missile in the direction of Japan – a significant technical achievement for that otherwise backward country and boost for its principal export product: ominous arms sales.

As we are sure to hear in the days ahead about Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah, Pakistani and other missile threats, the question occurs: Are we doing absolutely everything possible to have effective anti-missile defenses? The answer is “No.”

We can – and must – quickly deploy sensors and weapons in space utilizing unconventional guidance technologies to meet the present and growing danger. It’s time for a Manhattan Project 2.0.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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