Secure Freedom Minute: Mitch McConnell Must Stand Down Now


Thank heavens, Mitch McConnell won’t run again for Senate Minority Leader after November’s election. But he needs to resign that position now, not cling to it for the next eight, critical months.

For one thing, Sen. McConnell will surely use his remaining time to undermine President Trump’s re-election bid. He’ll also subvert Republican candidates for the many Democrat-held and open Senate seats this fall not aligned with him.

Even more worrying is the prospect that McConnell will continue to perform as the Democrats’ controlled-opposition – going along with their open border, “global governance,” climate change and Ukraine agendas most GOP voters categorically reject.  

And, worst of all, there’s the prospect that – like Joe Biden – Mitch McConnell will continue to serve the interests of the Chinese Communist Party, not those of the American people it seeks to destroy.

Senator McConnell, stand down now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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