Secure Freedom Minute: Musk’s Starlink is not the Chinese Space Program’s Only Target


As NASA struggles to launch its Artemis 1 rocket in support of a new U.S.-China race to the moon, fresh evidence is accumulating concerning the Chinese Communist Party’s ominous ambitions in space.

Specifically, the CCP is determined to dominate the so-called “earth-moon system” since that will enable them, in turn, to dominate what happens here on earth.

Consequently, Chinese strategists are now calling for the CCP to destroy Elon Musk’s vast Starlink constellation of small communications satellites. That’s not for fear they’ll cause collisions.

Rather, it’s because they will afford global internet access outside the CCP’s control and make America’s space posture more resilient.

The CCP is at war with us and we must not permit them to weaponize space – whether by colonizing the moon, attacking our assets in the High Frontier or launching weapons from there to strike us on earth.


This is Frank Gaffney.

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