Secure Freedom Minute: Need to Know – Is the CCP Preparing for a Shooting War?


Evidence is accumulating that the Chinese Communist Party is poised to add a shooting war to the pre-kinetic “unrestricted warfare” against America in which it has long engaged. Increasingly shrill rhetoric about the United States – including Foreign Minister Qin Gang’s recent comment that conflict is “inevitable” if we do not change course – is being accompanied by, among other things, the stand-up of defense mobilization offices across China.

Center for Security Policy expert Dr. Bradley Thayer says dictator Xi Jinping is preparing his people for the sacrifices associated with a long conventional, or even a nuclear, war with the United States. He believes that will entail violent action against the American homeland, not just our friends, interests and assets in the Western Pacific.

U.S. leaders’ failure to warn our people of this danger, and act now to deter it, is criminally malfeasant.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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