Secure Freedom Minute: Needed Truth-telling about the U.S. military


The U.S. Navy’s sailor in charge of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” was recently caught telling the truth about the so-called “woke” makeover of our armed forces. Senior Chief Thomas Riggs asserts it will all be jettisoned when Communist China attacks our first warship.
Unfortunately, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Lisa Franchetti     remains committed to this program – presumably, because she’d never have gotten that job but for Biden’s cultural Marxist policies. 
The question is, how many others in the armed forces are similar “diversity” hires, in command not because of combat performance-based merit, but because of some “identity” preference? And how many will needlessly die when the Chinese Communist Party consequently decides we’re too weak to resist their kinetic attacks? 
A recent, extraordinarily powerful webinar with other military truth-tellers suggests we are likely to find out the very hard way. 
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