Secure Freedom Minute: ”Never Again”? Not


History’s greatest crime against humanity is happening now. In fact, the vicious persecution of more than 350 million Christians gets worse by the day and little is being done even to decry, to say nothing of ending, it. 

Just last week, Sharia-supremacists in Azerbaijan – no longer content with deliberately starving 120,000 Armenian Christians in a region known as Norgono-Karabach – violently invaded their ancient homeland. Terrified that a resumption of an Ottoman Empire-style genocide will befall them next, virtually every man, woman and child is now desperately trying to flee.

Washington did nothing to discourage, let alone prevent, such intensified persecution. Influenced by the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, virtually silent Biden officials – including U.S. AID Director Samantha Power who actually wrote a book expressing regret about her previous failure to prevent genocide in Rwanda – have effectively encouraged it. 

“Never again”? Not.

This is Frank Gaffney.


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