Secure Freedom Minute: Nihilist Awad


Among the most despicable acts so far in the 21st Century were the horrors recently inflicted by Hamas and Palestinian “civilians,” including: the beheading of infants; rape, torture and dismembering of women; and setting entire families afire.

It seems unimaginable that anyone would boast publicly of being “happy to see” such egregious crimes against humanity. Unless, that is, you’re a Sharia-supremacist like Nihad Awad. They deem such behavior to be divinely ordained

Awad runs the Council on American Islamic Relations and its deep penetration of, and legitimization by, the U.S. government.  

He claims his comments were taken out of context. 

In fact, they simply confirm that CAIR is actually a fundraising and political warfare arm of the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise – Hamas. CAIR must be shut down, not legitimated further.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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