Secure Freedom Minute: No Actual Friend of Israel Would Fund Iran


Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of us stood with Israel on the National Mall. We were treated to forceful speeches from the bipartisan congressional leadership, including this statement by the top House Democrat, Hakeem Jeffries: 

“Our commitment to Israel’s security is ironclad….Israel has an absolute right to defend itself against Hamas terror….We must stand with Israel in its effort to decisively defeat Hamas to make sure that this brutal terrorist regime can never rise again.”

Welcome as they are, such commitments by Mr. Jeffries and others on Capitol Hill will amount to empty – and deceptive – rhetoric unless backed up by action. Most immediately, Congress must act to prevent President Biden from releasing yet another $10 billion to Iran’s mullahs who fund Hamas and enabled its invasion of the Jewish State.

No actual friend of Israel would fund its enemy – and ours.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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