Secure Freedom Minute: No Better Enemy, No Worse Friend


U.S. Marines proudly characterize themselves as “no better friend, no worse enemy.” Tragically, the Biden-Harris wrecking operation is encouraging the world to perceive our country as “no better enemy, no worse friend.”

We should never encourage hostile nations to regard us with contempt and long-time friend deem us as, at best, unreliable. But this a particularly dangerous moment for such perceptions to take hold – as they are.

Of special concern is the prospect that possibly China and/or Russia – and for sure the planet’s jihadist Sharia-supremacists are being emboldened by Team Biden’s ignominious bug-out and betrayal in Afghanistan. The costs of abandoning the posture that Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump called “peace through strength” and that our Marine warriors exemplify can be needlessly and exceedingly high.

Joe Biden must revert to this vital approach or get out of the way of those who will.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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