Secure Freedom Minute: No More Kow-towing to Emperor Xi


In recent days, there has been a strategic realignment with potentially earth-shaking implications. Xi Jinping, the murderous dictator who leads the Chinese Communist Party, has effectively become the emperor of China. And Joe Biden has effectively become his most important vassal.

These new roles were evident in even the highly selective renderings of the discussion during the two men’s over three-hour-long virtual summit earlier this week. Xi was domineering and bullying; Biden was the supplicant and accommodating.

Now, Emperor Xi has summoned the U.S. president to come to Beijing for next February’s Olympics. If he attends what are properly described as the Genocide Games, it will rival Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympiad for legitimating and emboldening freedom’s foes.

We have a treaty obligation to punish, not reward, genocide. America and its president must stand up to Xi Jinping, not kow-tow before him.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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