Secure Freedom Minute: No More Pelosi Protection for Eric Swalwell


Congressman Eric Swalwell of California is back in the news. It appears this inveterate practitioner of Saul Alinsky’s brand of radical leftist political warfare is complicit in an actually illegal act against Rep. Mo Brooks, a Republican colleague now running for an Alabama Senate seat.

Of course, Swalwell’s latest misconduct, involving the use of a process-server who unlawfully entered Mr. Brooks’ home as part of a frivolous lawsuit, pales by comparison to the significance of his previous episode involving the serial betrayal of his country to our enemies.

Specifically, this member of the House Intelligence Committee accepted sexual favors and campaign contributions from a Chinese Communist spy nicknamed Fang Fang. It’s no longer possible to ignore the dangers associated with Swalwell’s continued access to any classified information, let alone virtually all of our nation’s secrets.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must end that vulnerability now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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