Secure Freedom Minute: No Time for a Blind Eye Towards the CCP Threat


An alarming pattern is now unmistakable. The Biden-Harris administration repeatedly accommodates the Chinese Communist Party. This may be shocking and should be recognized as ominous, but it certainly is no surprise.  

The latest example is the reported inability of the U.S. intelligence community to confirm that a Chinese biological warfare lab in Wuhan was the source of the Covid-19 pandemic. Given what we know, only the willfully blind could thus effectively exonerate the CCP. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden and many of his senior subordinates are deeply compromised by the Chinese Communists. And that reality seems likely to translate into still more – and more dangerous – concessions in the future.

Turning a blind eye to the PRC’s unrestricted warfare against us, aimed at destroying this country, will only further embolden and enable our mortal enemy, the Chinese Communist Party. It must stop now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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