Secure Freedom Minute: Obama-Biden 3.0’s Fatal, ”Fundamental Transformation”


Senate RINOs are relentlessly attacking their colleague, Tommy Tuberville, for wisely insisting that promotions of hundreds of top officers be approved individually since many embrace a Marxist agenda imperiling our armed forces. 

Purges of patriots and those who refused “the jab,” compounded by “critical race” brainwashing, are crushing the services’ recruitment goals. 

The Pentagon can, however, find lots of fit young men “of color” to fill the ranks. It has a program that allows illegal aliens to enlist and get fast-tracked for citizenship. 

Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America.   In the course of this third Obama-Biden term, doing that to our military has rapidly advanced – and would result in its inevitable take-down if we put foreign jihadists, Chinese special forces and other enemies in our uniforms. 

Will any Senator stand with “Coach” Tuberville in exposing and opposing this unfolding disaster?  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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