Secure Freedom Minute: Obama-Biden 3.0’s Fundamental Transformation of Israel


During his first presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised the “fundamental transformation” of our country. Now, in what amounts to the third Obama-Biden administration, his team is busily effecting the fundamental transformation of Israel.

This agenda was underway even before Hamas viciously invaded the Jewish State on October 7th as Obama-Biden 3.0 supported the Israeli left’s determined efforts to bring down Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. In the weeks since that attack – empty rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding – it has striven to prevent Israel’s new unity government from forcibly destroying Hamas.

Predictably, once the priority became freeing hostages, justifying humanitarian “pauses,” the initiative passed to Hamas. In the process, Israel’s military power is being negated. 

In short order, every Israeli will be transformed into a hostage, whose fates are no longer in their own hands, but those of external forces intensifying their peril. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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