Secure Freedom Minute: Obama-Biden’s Dangerous Game on Israel and Iran


The Biden administration has been implicated in funding and otherwise encouraging an actual insurgency in Israel. That means it’s been involved with opposition leaders – including former senior officials – directly working to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu’s elected governing coalition. 

There would never be a good time for Team Biden to be encouraging the destabilization of an allied, democratic government. But this is a particularly dangerous moment to be distracting and undermining the Israelis. 

After all, they can no longer postpone the day of reckoning now confronting the Jewish State as a direct result of the cumulative effects of the appeasement, enriching and emboldening of the Iranian regime over the Obama-Biden presidency’s three terms that have incalculably helped the mullahs acquire nuclear weapons.

Heaven help Israel – and us – if Bibi is unable to prevent the ayatollahs from using the Bomb they now surely have.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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