Secure Freedom Minute: Obama’s ”Third Term” is Fundamentally Changing the World


If elected president, Senator Barack Obama promised a “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” In the course of what’s been called his third term, a nominal Biden administration dominated by Obama’s staff is in the process of fundamentally transforming the world.

Reflect, for example, on the Middle East at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. Our most important regional ally, Israel, had arguably never been stronger. Its strategic alliance with the U.S. was robust, encouraging stability through peace accords with former adversaries and isolating and deterring their common enemy, Iran. 

As an extremely timely Center for Security Policy webinar yesterday made clear, Israel is now isolated, undermined by Biden’s Obama retreads, dangerously divided at home and facing an array of emboldened foes, including a nuclear-capable Iran backed by Communist China. That’s a formula literally for disaster.   


This is Frank Gaffney. 

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