Secure Freedom Minute: Official ”Othering” of Christians Invites Persecution Here


Have you noticed the peculiar reporting about the mass murder at a Nashville elementary school yesterday? It’s striking as much for what is not being said as what is.

Consider, for example, how this shooting would have been covered if a practicing Christian had attacked a school or other venue populated by so-called “transgender” individuals, instead of the other way around. You can bet the narrative would have been all about the threat posed to a victimized community by militant Christianity, and the perpetrator’s character and associates would have been exhaustively critiqued. 

In this case, we need to examine and determine if government officials’ “othering” of Christians as potential “domestic terrorists” and “violent extremists” is contributing to increasing persecution of believers here. Moreover, whether such behavior was a decisive factor in this attack or not, it must be condemned and stopped now

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