Secure Freedom Minute: On Government Ethics – Look Over There, Folks


Democratic Senators will profess to be concerned about ethics in government during today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. A transparent purpose, however, is to deflect attention from their own party’s epic fail in enforcing ethical standards, to say nothing of the law, with respect to President Joe Biden.

There is now abundant evidence that the Commander-in-Chief has become very wealthy through a series of influence-peddling transactions with, among others, intelligence agents of America’s foremost enemy: the Chinese Communist Party. Of course, Biden has not formally disclosed any of these deals. Yet not a single Democratic Senator has called for his investigation, let alone condemned him.

Spare us the crocodile tears about purportedly insufficient filings by Supreme Court justices until a man who is supposed to set the standard for ethical and lawful conduct in our government is held to account.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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