Secure Freedom Minute: Oppose “Natural Asset Companies” Now!


Tomorrow, the Securities and Exchange Commission will stop taking comments on a proposed “rule” allowing so-called “Natural Asset Companies” to raise funds to preclude the productive use of U.S. public and some private lands, water and even air.

This stealthy effort to impose a radical environmental agenda must be strongly repudiated immediately. One reason is NACs can be owned by foreign powers – like the Chinese Communist Party – strategically motivated to lock up our natural resources. 

That’s especially so if, as the then-Chinese Defense Minister declared two decades ago, the PRC leadership plans to use biological weapons to depopulate the United States so that it can be colonized by the Chinese. A further incentive would be if we have left untapped vast quantities of oil, gas, minerals and timber. 

Please express your opposition to this dangerous NAC sell-off,  and sell-out, today at                              

This is Frank Gaffney.

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