Secure Freedom Minute: Our ”Sputnik” Moment – Will We Respond Appropriately


Communist China recently achieved what should be a “Sputnik” moment – an event that ought to shock every American and spur us to action. The PRC demonstrated the ability to fly into orbit a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile optimized to perform surprise attacks anywhere on the planet and defeat our missile defense capabilities.

Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher warns that we risk losing a “new Cold War with China” if we fail to change course, notably by ending Americans’ current practice of “engaging in joint ventures, [Wall Street and other] investments and research collaborations that involve areas associated with Communist China’s Military-Civil Fusion.”

The Congressman is right, especially in warning about U.S. dual-use technology transfers to our enemies. He should look into one called “Skolkovo” that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used to enable her donors to sell hypersonic missile-related technology to Russia.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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