Secure Freedom Minute: Pentagon Lies About Vaccines Threatens our Only Military


Last week, in a searing, hour-long interview, a serving, combat veteran Marine officer identified only as “Paul” told me about the destruction that is being inflicted upon our military by Biden’s Covid-19 vaccination mandates, ideological purges and other policies.

The resulting, enduring damage to the armed forces has become even more obvious with the revelation that the Pentagon leadership is now taking steps to conceal evidence of the physical harm tied to experimental gene therapies it has inflicted on our troops. As Conservative Review’s brilliant Daniel Horowitz has documented, shocking data recently given to Senator Ron Johnson by three Defense Department whistleblowers has been deceptively altered.

The culture of the military and the servicemen and women’s confidence in their superiors are essential to readiness and deterrence. We risk breaking both irreparably. God help us if we let that happen, as our enemies won’t.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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