Secure Freedom Minute: Perceived, Contemptible U.S. Weakness is Provocative


In recent days, Chinese military personnel have deliberately endangered American counterparts in international air and sea space. The near-collisions were not simply “unprofessional” or the result of a “failure to communicate.” 

They are deliberate provocations that eventually will get someone – and maybe a lot of us – killed. 

The incidents reflect the Chinese Communist Party’s increasing ability and willingness to take risks in order to assert effective control over areas it claims as sovereign waters and territory. 

They are also evidence of Beijing’s ever-less-concealed contempt for a U.S. military being “fundamentally transformed” by: the purging of skilled warriors; the promotion of leaders embracing Marxist nostrums designed to divide, weaken and demoralize those still serving; and a Commander-in-Chief rightly characterized as a “controlled asset” of the Chinese Communist Party.

That’s a prescription for our defeat in a shooting war Team Biden is inviting.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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