Secure Freedom Minute: Praise the Lord –  Senate Republicans Throw Down on the WHO


Good news for a change, folks! The Hand of God is on our troubled land! 


I consider it truly providential that Senator Ron Johnson has secured the support of every one of his Republican colleagues for a letter urging President Biden to defer approval of two World Health Organization treaties currently planned for later this month – even though they are still being negotiated. What is more, fully half the Senate is now co-sponsoring the Senator’s legislation that would ensure that chamber performs its constitutional duty to vote on such treaties. 

These initiatives put the Biden administration squarely on notice: Its stealthy attempt to surrender our national sovereignty, states rights and personal medical freedoms to the WHO’s odious Director General is, as the Senators put it, “Dead on Arrival.”  

Join us in supporting these legislators in their divinely appointed mission at

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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