Secure Freedom Minute: Pray the U.S. Will Actually Promote Mideast Peace


The Holy Land is on the minds of many Americans this time of year. Prayers for the peace of Jerusalem, a blessed Christmas and a new year filled with joy echo on both sides of the Atlantic. We share those hopes for the region, and for you and yours. 

Unfortunately, as a riveting webinar earlier this week made clear, U.S. policies are contributing to conditions that endanger, rather than promote, Middle East peace, including: the Biden administration’s hostility towards Israel’s new governing coalition; its continuing aspiration for a nuclear deal with the Iranian mullahs; its encouragement of Palestinian aspirations that are translating into intensifying terrorism; and its undermining of Trump-era peace agreements between Israel and a number of Muslim nations. 

Our holiday prayers should include one for a regional course-correction whereby America supports our friends and opposes our enemies, not the opposite. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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