Secure Freedom Minute: Priority Target for the Biden Wrecking Operation


If the Biden-Harris administration is intent on radically and “fundamentally transforming” America, the U.S. military would be a priority target. After all, our armed forces are not only essential to securing the American people. Theirs has long been the nation’s most admired institution, exemplifying as well as defending its Constitution and values.

This agenda best explains the Biden team’s behavior to date, including: insisting that “white supremacists” permeate the ranks; purging warriors for favoring President Trump and/or opposing mandatory Covid vaccinations; cutting defense spending; humiliatingly losing Afghanistan; and expressing “great confidence” in a politicized and discredited top general.

The cumulative effect of such assaults on good order and discipline is absolutely predictable: It undermines the only military we have at a time when public confidence in our national leadership is in free-fall and our enemies are emboldened.  That’s a formula for disaster.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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