Secure Freedom Radio: With Rep. Scott Perry, Lance Crayon and Ismael Benavides


REP. SCOTT PERRY, Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives, Member, House Transportation & Infrastructure, and Foreign Affairs Committees, Former State Representative, Pennsylvania General Assembly, @RepScottPerry

Rep. Scott Perry: It’s always the suits, not the boots that surrender America to our enemies

Rep. Perry: The leaving behind of $80-90 billion to numerous terrorist organizations and the abandoning of Bagram Air Base did nothing but create a “terrorist superstate”

The administration has brought in around 60,000 unvetted migrants from Afghanistan to America

Rep. Perry: The U.S. droned an individual friendly to our cause. What do you think the intelligence is going to be when we are not in-country?

Rep. Perry: “If there is not the dismissal with extreme prejudice of Gen. Milley, it is yet one more travesty foisted upon the American people, against their will, that imperils the United States at the hands in the of Communist Party of China” 

LANCE CRAYON, former Senior News Editor, Global Times (US edition), former Video Journalist, China Radio International, former Senior Editor, People’s Daily English News app

Lance Crayon: Last year, for the first time ever, the top films in China were all Chinese productions – China is becoming more self-reliant

Crayon: For decades, Hollywood has kowtowed to Chinese censors for the chance of premiere film’s on the mainland

Crayon: “The way China has it set up now, they can control not only what China sees but what the wold sees”

It’s Sept. 17 and there is no release date for Dune in China, a movie that China put up 75% of the money to fund

All Taiwanese films at the Venice film festival were labeled as “Taipei” productions

ISMAEL BENAVIDES, Peruvian politician, Former Minister of Economy and Finance, and Agriculture, President Alan García, Former Member, Congress of the Republic of Peru, former Minister of Fishery, President Fernando Belaúnde Terry

Ismael Benavides: The June 9th runoff election in Peru was rigged in favor of the far left “Free Peru” party

Benavides: Of the 16 members newly elected Peruvian president Pedro Castillo selected for his cabinet, 12 are extremists, some with close relations to the Shining Path terrorist movement

Benavides: 5 million Venezuelans have left their country because of the internal political situation there. Is Peru next?

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