Secure Freedom Minute: Investigate Whether January 6th was NOT an ”Insurrection”


Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked, partisan investigators are reconvening this week to promote her party line about an “insurrection” in Washington on January 6th, spawned by President Donald Trump and aimed at overthrowing our government.

To his credit, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has challenged that narrative, drawing on first-hand observations and analysis by my Center for Security Policy colleague, Mike Waller. On Saturday, at an event I attended in Dallas, former New Mexico prosecutor David Clements flatly characterized the event as a “false flag” operation.

Great reporting by Darren Beattie’s suggests FBI agents and informants may have been among a small cohort of provocateurs determined to disrupt that day’s certification of the 2020 presidential vote and vilify Trump supporters as terrorists, possibly with inside help.

There’s plenty to investigate about January 6th. Unfortunately, Team Pelosi seems unlikely to do it honestly.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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