Secure Freedom Minute: Putin Knows What Biden ”Meant to Say” on Ukraine


“What the President meant to say” is bureaucratese for damage- limitation when the nation’s Chief Executive makes policy via unscripted pronouncements. It kicked in after Joe Biden signaled during yesterday’s press conference that Russia could use a little military force against Ukraine with impunity.

The uproar that ensued on both sides of the Atlantic prompted the White House immediately to affirm that the President meant to tell Vladimir Putin that any military action by his forces would result in a “swift, severe and united response.”

Unfortunately, long before this telegraphed Biden dive, his humiliating Afghan surrender and collapse on impeding Putin’s Nordstream 2 gas pipeline, the Russian dictator knew what Americans are still learning to their horror:  This President is no match for ruthless tyrants – and not just Ukraine, but the world, is likely soon to suffer greatly as a result.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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