Secure Freedom Minute: Refuse to Submit to the Coming ”Worldwide Totalitarian Police State”


Harvard-trained attorney and PhD Francis Boyle is a preeminent academic specializing in international law. For over five decades, he has closely studied treaties and organizations, many of them the product of ambitious utopians seeking to ban war, redistribute power and wealth and otherwise reorder the world. 

In the course of an extraordinarily  yesterday important webinar, Dr. Boyle warned that, for the first time in history, such globalists are poised to create a “worldwide totalitarian police state.” They would do so via what amount to two World Health Organization treaties now being finalized with the aggressive support of the Chinese Communist Party, Davos oligarchs and the Biden administration. 

These accords would cede American states’ constitutional rights to determine health care policy and crush our national sovereignty. Francis Boyle and our Sovereignty Coalition agree that we must withdraw from the World Health Organization now

This is Frank Gaffney.

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