Secure Freedom Minute: Reject the WHO’s Global Health Dictatorship


Israel is burning. Hezbollah missiles and drones are aimed at turning her northern areas into open-air crematoria while arsonists put to the torch forests elsewhere in the Jewish state that have been painstaking and proudly cultivated by generations of Israelis. 
Such attacks are not simply occurring as the Biden administration relentlessly undermines the government of Israel and its efforts to defeat Hamas. The daily betrayals by Israel’s most important ally are actually encouraging them
Look no further than the so-called “phased plan” for ending the war in Gaza that President Biden rolled out last week. It would not only guarantee the survival of Hamas. It would require Israel to cease its defensive operations against Hezbollah, too. And he’s going to the UN Security Council to compel Israel’s compliance. 
Americans overwhelmingly reject Biden’s anti-Israel policies. Fortunately, so do the people of Israel. 
This is Frank Gaffney. _______
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