Secure Freedom Minute: Return to “No Better Friend No Worse Enemy”


During Barack Obama’s first two terms, he made a priority of embracing Palestinian, Iranian, Muslim Brotherhood and other Sharia-supremacists and undercutting Israel. This reckless regional policy conformed to a broader strategy of treating enemies better than friends.

Today, in what some call Obama’s third term, the Biden-Harris administration is making the same mistake – with potentially catastrophic consequences. Having emboldened jihadists from the Houthis in Yemen to the Taliban in Afghanistan to Hamas in Gaza and the mullahs in Iran, we are reaping the proverbial whirlwind. All these U.S. adversaries are attacking our friends with impunity.

Joe Biden insists “America is back.” We’re back alright, to being perceived as an impotent foe and an unreliable ally, ensuring we’ll have more enemies and fewer friends – and a vastly more dangerous world.

Retired senior military leaders are urging a major course-correction. They’re absolutely right.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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