Secure Freedom Minute: Rewarding Iranian Jihadism Only Guarantees More of It


Upon entering the White House, Joe Biden delisted the Sharia-supremacist group known as “Houthi rebels” as a U.S. designated terrorist organization. 

Legitimating dangerous, Iran-enabled jihadists engaged in frequent attacks on American allies was a symptom of the Obama-Biden Doctrine: namely, treat your enemies better than your friends.

It guarantees you’ll have more – and stronger – enemies, and far fewer friends.

We’re now reaping the whirlwind of this mad policy. Tens of billions of dollars still flowing to the Iranian mullahs in cash and sanctions relief are enriching, empowering and emboldening them and their masters in the Chinese Communist Party. That’s produced Tehran-backed war on Israel and, increasingly, on merchant shipping vital to the world economy.  

America’s assuming responsibility for protecting such shipping while precluding actions that would neutralize the Houthis and punish Iran is an invitation for more, and worse, perils to come.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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