Secure Freedom Minute: Ridicule Xi Jinping, Who Can’t Take a Joke


A comedian in Beijing has inadvertently exposed an exploitable vulnerability of the Chinese Communist Party and its dictator-for-life, Xi Jinping: They have very thin skins and are terrified that, if ridiculed, their legitimacy and hold on absolute power will be endangered.

They’re right. The popular response to a joke mocking one of Xi’s stupid sayings extolling the People’s Liberation Army shows the Chinese people are sick of the CCP’s repression. The regime has gone full Maoist: The comic has been forced to issue groveling apologies to the military and his company fined over $2 million.

We must do everything possible to delegitimize the CCP which actually is, as we argue in our new book, The Indictment, a Transnational Criminal Organization. Let us align with and help liberate the Chinese people who have, like ours, been victimized by its crimes.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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