Secure Freedom Minute: Save Hamas Schumer


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was trotted out yesterday to kosherize Team Biden’s betrayal of the Jewish State. On the Senate floor, he vilified Israel’s democratically elected leader and demanded that new elections be held at once – in the middle of a war that will determine the very existence of Israel – to remove him from power. 

That is what passes for “defense of democracy” in today’s Democratic Party.

I can recall when Senate Democrats’ actually supported Israel, not just rhetorically. My old boss, Senator “Scoop” Jackson, would condemn stunts like Schumer’s repeatedly chanting “We stand with Israel” and “We will not rest until you get the assistance you need” before an anti-Hamas demonstration last November, only to return to Capitol Hill to cast a pro-Hamas vote against immediate aid for Israel. 

Memo to Chuck: Bibi Netanyahu stands with Israel. You don’t

This is Frank Gaffney.

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