Secure Freedom Minute: Saving Aziz


Last night, an American hero named Chad Robichaux introduced a Washington audience to the Afghan translator he helped rescue from certain death at the hands of the Taliban. Incredibly, this former Force Reconnaissance Marine and his team were subsequently able to do the same for 17,000 others abandoned when Joe Biden surrendered Afghanistan to our jihadist enemy.

The story of these rescues is told in Chad’s gripping new book, Saving Aziz. It recounts the preventable tragedy precipitated by our own government. And it reveals how a remarkable pick-up team of skilled veterans like him, other freedom-fighters and non-profit organizations came together to mitigate the disastrous humanitarian costs of Biden’s decision.

Saving Aziz testifies to the courage of those who operated deep behind Taliban lines and applauds the indispensable efforts of those who backstopped them here at home.

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