Secure Freedom Minute: Say ”No” Now to ”Global Governance”


The upcoming annual meetings of national leaders and international bureaucrats at the United Nations generally don’t matter. Unfortunately, an event there on September 20th could prove extremely consequential – and dangerously so. 

Member nations are expected to endorse a so-called “political declaration” that commits them to abide by and otherwise support a set of sweeping “global governance” undertakings wholly incompatible with our national security and sovereignty. 

For example, the World Health Organization would be empowered to dictate what constitutes an actual or potential health emergency, not only for humans, but plants and animals, too – and what must be done in response.

The UN declaration also endorses censorship; “sharing” newly discovered viruses; and “digital transformation” of “Big Data.” As our special program with Steve Bannon yesterday made clear, such “global governance” would mean the end of freedom worldwide

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This is Frank Gaffney. 

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