Secure Freedom Minute: Say ”No” to Milley 2.0


One of the most serious “charges” in our new bestselling book, The Indictment, is the “war crime” against America by the Chinese Communist Party and its friends’ of taking-down our armed forces. Joe Biden’s selection of the nation’s new top officer could further, and very dangerously, compound that betrayal of our country.

The retiring Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Mark Milley, has, among other things, presided over the purge of many of our best warriors, the Marxist indoctrination of those who remain and the greatest military debacle in our history – namely, the surrender of Afghanistan and $83 billion in advanced arms to the enemy. 

Milley’s replacement will reportedly be even more disposed to demoralize and dismantle America’s armed services, setting the stage for and inviting our defeat by the CCP. 

The U.S. Senate must reject any such nomination.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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