Secure Freedom Minute: SFM Expose – and End – the Military’s Self-Inflicted Wounds


Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long deserves the first Congressional Medal of Honor for non-combat-related heroism under intense “fire.” Together with three other military whistleblowers, she has exposed the extensive, often fatal and intensifying damage being done to our armed forces personnel by so-called COVID-19 “vaccines.”  

Colonel Long recently told Epoch Times that Pentagon data concerning critical groups within the uniformed services has revealed that, “There is a statistically significant increase in death, permanent harm, or severe temporary harm in young healthy fit pilots.” 

The military’s shameful response has been to relieve Dr. Long of her duties and, even worse, to cook the books – altering the evidence to try to conceal its frightening implications for not just the troops, but everyone who has been jabbed.  

Thankfully, Senator Ron Johnson has been helping the whistleblowers, but he – and they – need our support, too. 

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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