Secure Freedom Minute: Show Us the Biden-Xi Transcript

Secure Freedom Minute

Ominous storm clouds are unmistakably gathering in the western Pacific. In recent weeks, America’s mortal enemy – the Chinese Communist Party – has exhibited an increasing aggressiveness across a broad front.

For example, the throw-down in Alaska in which top Chinese diplomats insulted their American counterparts and our country has been accompanied by indicators of belligerence to come including: intensifying aerial and naval exercises targeting Taiwan; preparations for another fortified bastion in the South China Sea; and the construction of a huge heliport suitable for launching lightning airborne assaults across the Taiwan Strait.

The question occurs: Did President Biden in his two-hour conversation with Xi Jinping last month say something that encouraged the Chinese dictator to believe the United States would countenance such threatening behavior – or worse? Americans have a need to know, and an opportunity to take corrective action. Show us the transcript.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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