Secure Freedom Minute: South Korean Canary in the Mine Shaft

By securingamerica
Secure Freedom Minute

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

South Korean ambassador to the United States Lee Soo-Hyuck has declared, “Just because South Korea chose the U.S. seventy years ago doesn’t mean it has to choose the U.S. for the next seventy years, too.”

This is a symptom of the “fundamental transformation” being systematically engineered by a key American ally’s  radical leftist president, Moon Jae-in. Crazy as it sounds – and despite widespread popular opposition, Moon aims to unify with totalitarian North Korea on the latter’s terms. And he is aligning with Communist China against the U.S. and Japan.

The last obstacle to this strategically disastrous makeover was removed in April when Moon apparently fraudulently secured a parliamentary supermajority with Chinese help. American leftists evidently hope to employ similar techniques to steal our election next – putting our freedoms and constitutional Republic at risk, as well.

We must not let that happen.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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