Secure Freedom Minute: Speaker Johnson!


Congratulations to newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, a man with a well-deserved reputation as a principled, conservative and courageous legislator! At least as important, he’s a man of integrity – all qualities the times urgently require.

For example, in his previous role as a Louisiana representative, Mr. Johnson secured the adoption of a resolution encouraging that state’s law enforcement not to work with a Muslim Brotherhood front called the Council on American Islamic Relations, better known as CAIR. 

With the Brotherhood’s role in fomenting recent agitation across the country in support of its Palestinian franchise – the Hamas terrorist organization – calling fresh attention to the threat posed by these jihadists and their vast Islamic Center network and other infrastructure here, we pray that Speaker Johnson will prove to be the leader we need, among other things, in exposing and opposing them nationally.   

This is Frank Gaffney.

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