Secure Freedom Minute: Stand Against Tyrannical Global Governance


Welcome to the world of “global governance.” The international criminal court prosecutor wants Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrested for alleged “war crimes.” It’s the so-called “world community’s” latest thuggish assault on a key American ally.
These developments have two particularly troubling common denominators: One, they are disastrous for U.S. interests. And two, they have all been cynically encouraged by a Biden administration that publicly professes to oppose them.
Next week, Team Biden intends to enable vastly worse abuses by globalists who hate freedom: It’s poised to surrender our sovereignty to a new medical tyrant, the Director General of the World Health Organization.
On Thursday, we will host a Sovereignty Summit to showcase freedom-loving national leaders around the world rejecting such “global governance” and insisting that its perpetrators’ latest gambit not be foisted upon us next week. Join us at
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