Secure Freedom Minute: Stand with Democratic Israel


Joe Biden is running for re-election as a champion of democracy. Yet, he is simultaneously publicly delegitimizing, undermining and trying to topple the democratically elected government of Israel. 

While the Biden administration’s enmity towards Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been evident from its inception, the President is now openly defaming “Bibi” as insufficiently concerned about civilian casualties in the Gaza war.

That’s demonstrably untrue. In fact, no nation has ever conducted a necessary military campaign against an enemy hiding among and deliberately imperiling civilians with greater determination to spare innocents. 

Even more untenable is Biden’s underlying contention that Mr. Netanyahu’s policies towards Hamas are unsupported by the Israeli people. Polls show they are overwhelmingly determined – as is Bibi – to destroy their jihadist enemies, even if that conflicts with Team Biden’s mounting determination to save Hamas. 

Mr. President, stand with democratic Israel.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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