Secure Freedom Minute: Stand with Freedom in Cuba – and Peru


Thousands of courageous Cubans have taken to the streets across their country calling for freedom from Communism and an end to the brutal regime that has imposed it upon them for decades. Free Cuba’s friends throughout this country urged the Biden administration to express solidarity with the counter-revolutionaries in the hope, at last, of liberating the island from the Castros and their ilk. The White House finally, grudgingly released a generally inadequate statement.

One can only hope that, as the demonstrators in Cuba are beaten, shot and imprisoned, the people of Peru will be spared a similar fate. For that to happen, though, a forensic audit must take place immediately to prevent electoral fraud from making a Marxist named Pedro Castillo that country’s next president.

Americans have a huge stake in liberty throughout our hemisphere. We must stand with its freedom-fighters.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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