Secure Freedom Minute: Stand with Israel – and Bibi


Wartime leaders from Abraham Lincoln to Franklin Roosevelt have warned against changing horses midstream. In the midst of the war inflicted by Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confronts a concerted effort to shoot his “horse” out from under him. That would be a grave mistake for the Jewish State, and America.

In fact, Bibi’s political adversaries at home and their allies on Team Biden were determined to remove him from power well before the jihadists’ October 7th  invasion. When relentless prosecution on corruption charges proved unavailing, his opponents: took to the streets to block necessary reforms of Israel’s judiciary; undermined military readiness; and talked up overthrowing his elected coalition government.  

Our most important Mideast ally’s very survival depends upon Israel’s decisive victory over her Sharia-supremacist enemies – and ours. Bibi Netanyahu is determined to achieve it, and we must help him succeed.

This is Frank Gaffney.


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