Secure Freedom Minute: Start Weaning the U.S. NOW from Chinese-supplied ”Essential Goods”!


The Wall Street Journal disclosed this week that the Chinese Communist Party has again penetrated our country, this time in a way that is far more dangerous and difficult to counteract than its recent spy balloon escapade.

Giant Chinese-supplied cranes used to move containers at ports across the country lend themselves to intelligence collection and disruptions. What could possibly go wrong, especially in the event of conflict?
The short answer is: Plenty. Worse yet, our dependency on such cranes is just one example of our insane practice of putting equipment from China in our critical infrastructure. Possibly even more catastrophic is our reliance on some 400 Chinese high-voltage transformers now integrated into our electric grid.
Mr. Trump promised Saturday that, if reelected, he would propose a four-year plan to wean ourselves off of “essential goods” from China. That must start now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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