Secure Freedom Minute: Stop America’s “Hypersonic Decline”

Secure Freedom Minute

“Managed decline” is a euphemism for the proposition that the United States is a terminally waning power and must accommodate itself to the inevitable rise of Communist China and the realization of a global socialist “reset” favored by so-called “woke capitalists.” Elites of both parties have long embraced this idea and many of its adherents now hold senior positions in the Biden-Harris administration.

Unfortunately, instead of “managing” our decline, this presidency seems determined to greatly accelerate it. The combined effect of Democrat-controlled executive and legislative branch efforts to shred our Constitution and the liberties it guarantees, wage what Michele Bachmann aptly calls “war on the dollar” and embolden our enemies are evidence of an official determination to achieve our “hypersonic decline” and prompt national demise.

It’s not too late to reverse this seditious trajectory. We must, however, start doing so now

This is Frank Gaffney.

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