Secure Freedom Minute: Stop Biden’s Stealthy “Fundamental Transformation” of America


Before his first presidential election, Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America. Today, evidence abounds of the devastation wrought by Obama-Biden’s three terms on, for example: our Constitution, economy, energy security, military, borders and society.

Moreover, in just thirty-two days, Joe Biden plans to effect what may be the single most sweeping transformation to date: using two treaties being stealthily negotiated with the World Health Organization to surrender our national sovereignty, eviscerate states’ rights and strip us of our medical and other freedoms.

Fortunately, a Capitol Hill press conference last week revealed serious and growing opposition from Congress, the conservative movement and the American people to giving the WHO’s top bureaucrat absolute control over our public health policy decisions. An emergency campaign to block this utterly anti-constitutional arrangement is now underway.

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This is Frank Gaffney.

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